The adventure begins.

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We have had a few D&d sessions with me as DM, and everything seems to be going smoothly.  The layers are using he same characters as they were with the past DM, but I put the in my own campaign.

The players began the campaign as Caravan guards under contract to escort a wagon train of goods on a journey across the kingdom.  The first session began with the caravan arriving in a town called Midtown, so named because it was located in the middle of the kingdom.

The caravan pulled into the town square near sundown, and the Players explored the town.  They stocked up on some basic supplies and a Basket of Everlasting provisions. Then made their way to the Tavern.

Arthur Played for the tavern patrons, and with a moderate dice roll earned a few coins. Saito had a few drinks and the headed for bed.  Dante noticed an ornate dagger on a man in the tavern and entertained thoughts of stealing it.

Near midnight a horn broke the nights silence. The players woke and ran out to the town square to find a captain of the watch (the man with the ornate dagger) mustering the towns militia.  They asked after the source of the trouble, and the Captain told them of a suspicions man walking toward the tow gate. The man would not answer any calls, he just kept the same lurching pace.

The players went to the gate to see for themselves.  The man was still hobbling toward them.  As he moved into the Light of the watch fires the players could see it was no man.  The creatures dry and tattered flesh hung from its slumped skeletal frame.  A malevolent purple light shone from its eyes and mouth.

Saito drew a longbow and took a shot, but it went wide.  The creature was near the gate now, and it stopped.  It let out a blood chilling scream and exploded. In its place stood a rip in the word, crackling with purple energies.  Withing a second of its appearance, dead shapes poured form the tear attacking anything near by.

Sorta like this.

The players and the town watch moved to intercept the undead and the battle began.  the players were up against about a dozen minion zombies and 4 or 5 zombie brutes.  the town militia was not doing well, they got torn up pretty fast.  Only the captain lasted past the first round.

The players let loose with all of their most powerful abilities, blasting the horde of dead into rotting chunks.  then moved in to finish the remainders.  after a few rounds the battle was won.

The players had no time to rest, because as soon as the last zombie fell, more dead things emerged from the portal.  this time there were only three.  Two Battle Wights and a skull lord.  The battle Wights moved to engage the players while the skull lord sat back to attack at range.

This fight was tougher,  the players had used most of their best powers on the zombies and HP was running low.  The Wights have a paralyze effect on their swords, which let them keep the players off the skull lord.  After a few crits the player held the upper hand, and after a few more rounds hammered the fiends back to death.

With the threat gone, the players stood before the still open portal, they felt a sense of cold evil emanating from it.  As they discussed what to do next and old man ran out of the tavern. He made his way to the corpse of the skull lord and began searching it.  He came away with a glowing shard or purple crystal; he stood and threw it into the portal.  The portal shuddered, and with the sound of a dying breath, closed.

The old man slumped to his knees breathing hard.

That is all for now, but there will be more soon.

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