New Imperial Guard list

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I want to talk about my “in the works” Imperial Guard army. The “fluff” for the army is they are chaos renegades  Dead ones. They are cursed to fight for the dark gods until the end of time. Each time they perish they return someplace else ready to wage war once again.

To reflect that story, I replaced the standard IG heads with resin Skulls. And created old wounds on many of the models. The paint job will also help display the “fluff” by showing wear and tear and rust on the equipment  The cloth uniforms will be tan, and the armor will be a dark olive green. Vehicles will be a darker tan than the cloth, with chaos symbols stenciled on.

The army list is still not finalized, so far it includes:


      company command squad.

  •           Company commander – bolt pistol and close combat weapon.
  •           Trooper – Vox caster
  •           Trooper – Regimental standard
  •           Heavy weapon squad – auto cannon


  •       Guardsmen Marbo – just for fun.


  •        3 Veteran Squads with melta guns in chimeras.

Infantry platoon

     Platoon command squad with auto cannon team.

  •       Trooper squad with flamer
  •       Heavy weapons squad all autoguns

Fast attack

  •       Vendetta gunship

Heavy support

  •      Basilisk artillery tank.

The undecided part is should I add or rearrange units to put veterans in the vendetta gunships. The options are to lose the chimeras  and put those three squads in the Vendettas. Second I could add more vet squads, or even storm troopers to fill out the vets. The problem on each side is money. If I lose the chimeras then I wasted money picking them up. If I add squads, I need to buy more toy soldiers to fill in the ranks.

My current plan is to use the list above. If the Chimeras don’t seem to be getting the Vets into position consistently enough, I will switch them over to the Vendettas.

The basic idea of this army is to be a triple threat. The two command squads, sit with the infantry and heavy weapon squads as near an objective as possible. With the artillery behind them. From there, the long range of the auto cannons and artillery bombard will give me some control of the table. The three veteran squads are meant to move aggressively forward to overtake a second objective, and keep it by using available cover and covering fire from the gun line. The third element is the vendettas, their role is to take out the enemies higher value targets. Large war-machines and monsters being the priority.

The biggest weak points I can see with this army is big scary assault guys. Like basically anything competent in melee combat is a problem for all of the units I have. The vets are most likely to run afoul of enemy bruisers due to their front line role, but the whole list is susceptible to chain-swords  The tactic I will likely employ against melee fighters is to shoot them a ton before they get to me. 6th Edition favors shooters so that might be enough.

The second weak point I can pick out is the list is a bit stationary. More maneuverable or variable armies may simply run circles around me. Any flavor Eldar or deep strike lists come to mind. My strategy to thwart this is to shoot them a ton until they die. You may have expected that course of action.

The armies completion is still a ways off, but once it is playable I will give an update on how it performs.

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