Drop Zone Commander - Shaltari miniatures

Tim / November 21, 2012 / No comments


Recently I was commissioned to paint a large Drop Zone Commander army of the Shaltari faction. I got to spend a long time with the miniatures for this game, and I wanted to share my opinion. This will post will be about the models, not the actual game play because I have yet to experience that.

Here is an example of a shaltari gate ship.

The miniatures are 10mm scale, which is smaller than I usually work with. The vehicles were all resin casts, and the infantry were metal and came three to a base.

The best point of these models was the design. It definitely has a unique look, the vehicles looked both powerful and graceful. The air ships and tanks shared a unifying element in the textured “petals” that fan out from the fuselage. And there was a great deal of detail despite the small scale of the game.

The main problem I encountered with the miniatures was in casting quality. Nearly every resin model had defects– voids and gaps were common. I was painfully reminded of the Games workshop Finecast quality problems. Also there seemed to be uneven textures that would disrupt the flat surfaces of the models. All of these production errors caused me to spend a ton of time repairing the models before I could begin to paint.

The overall lack of production quality soured my experience with DzC. The fine detail was often ruined by defects, which made them even more disappointing. I hope Hawk war-games can get a handle on their quality issues because I think their miniature design shows a lot of promise.

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