D&d arena fight part 2

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It has been a while since I had time to write a new update. The holidays and my work schedule kept me busy and prevented my D&d group from meeting as regularly as we usually do.

The last session before the holidays had us fighting in an arena tournament.  We had fought our way to the finals.  The enemy team had an Orc fighter, a pair of elves, a rogue and archer,  and an elderly man who leaned against the wall.  The Orc boasted that he only needed three fighters to beat us, and so they brought an old man to watch.

Of course we were instantly suspicious of the old man, and I even went so far as to take a pot shot at him with my hand crossbow.  The Orc shouted at me that the old mad was nothing and our fight was with him.  The crowed booed at my attack so we decided to take out the other fighters first, (FYI, keeping the crowd happy impacted our winnings per match so we had to watch out for that) As we charged into combat we noticed an odd feeling, a eerie calming feeling that prohibited us from charging.  We faltered and the Orc fighter barreled into us, attacking like crazy. He nearly dropped our tank in one round. We recovered as best we could and retaliated, I took on the archer, dropping him pretty fast, our ape druid fought off the rogue, while our bard and fighter went at it with the Orc.  After a few rounds we had the upper hand again, and soon we defeated the three main enemy combatants   Only the old man was left.

We moved to attack him and he burst forth into about a dozen ten foot tall shadow creatures.  Something between a man and a raven.  We scattered and attacked the clones hoping they were merrily illusions.  The old man thing used psychic attacks against us, and our already dwindling Hp pools got lower and lower.

We learned that only one of the images was real, but each time we hit him, they shuffled again. Luckily hitting an illusion dispelled it.  So over time we managed to take out all the illusions then overwhelm the old man thing.  We had won, and the crowd, scared into silence by the creature, erupted in cheers.

We went to the medical pavilion, to confront the orc, he looked distraught.  He had no idea the old man was a monster, or that he had been receiving magical help. He decided to give up fighting and open a school for gladiators.  He gave us his gear to apologize for his boastful threats before. We also received 4000 gp each as the grand prize.

We went to the tavern to celebrate our victory, but on the way we were approached by an armored man.  He told us our display in the arena had caused him to take interest in us, and if we proved ourselves further, we could have a roll in world shaping events and nation making treasures.  We were a little bit interested.

He bid us to head south across the dessert to the coastal cities and seek out his order to learn more.  And that is what we well be doing next week.

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