The adventure begins.

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We have had a few D&d sessions with me as DM, and everything seems to be going smoothly. The layers are using he same characters as they were with the past DM, but I put the in my own campaign. The players began the campaign as Caravan guards under contract to escort a wagon train of goods on a journey across the kingdom.

New campaign basics.

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I will be sharing some stories about the D&d game I am DMing. so I thought I would lay out some basics such as player names before I begin. Mark, My younger brother, he plays Saito the human Knight. Aaron, He plays a Infernal pact hex blade named Changling Dante. Jake, He plays Arthur the bard at first, but then switched to Haasmond the Goliath Blackguard.

Warhammer 40k

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I want to talk a little about Warhammer 40k. I got into the hobby side of it about five years ago, what hooked me was the lore of the game. It is crazy over the top in terms of scale and violence, to the point where it becomes a bit of a dark comedy. The game pretty much invented and defines the term "grimdark". Countless thousands of human soldiers dying on battle fields across the stars.

D&d arena fight part 2

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It has been a while since I had time to write a new update. The holidays and my work schedule kept me busy and prevented my D&d group from meeting as regularly as we usually do. The last session before the holidays had us fighting in an arena tournament. We had fought our way to the finals.

New Imperial Guard list

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I want to talk about my "in the works" Imperial Guard army. The "fluff" for the army is they are chaos renegades Dead ones. They are cursed to fight for the dark gods until the end of time. Each time they perish they return someplace else ready to wage war once again. To reflect that story, I replaced the standard IG heads with resin Skulls. And created old wounds on many of the models.

Drop Zone Commander - Shaltari miniatures

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Recently I was commissioned to paint a large Drop Zone Commander army of the Shaltari faction. I got to spend a long time with the miniatures for this game, and I wanted to share my opinion. This will post will be about the models, not the actual game play because I have yet to experience that.